"Receive only" Folder?

I am trying to create the following escenario with Syncthing:

2 Workstation PCs with “Send & Receive” permission on a shared folder, so all the changes from any of the clients would get written on the folder and distributed among all the clients of the pool.

2 Desktop PCs with a sort of “Receive Only” permission on the same shared folder, so the changes from these “Receive Only” clients would get discarded on the pool, but they get all the changes from the clients running “Send & Receive” permission.

But I do not know how to create it so any help would be much appreciated.

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Initial support for receive-only folders will be in 0.14.50. In the current release there is no such thing.


Great ! Thanks :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks a lot. I have read through your thread on https://forum.syncthing.net/t/a-proposal-for-a-receive-only-folder-type/11335 and it looks great.

Sorry for asking again, but it is quite complicated to understand both SendOnly and ReceiveOnly. Will ReceiveOnly be my setup-and-forget backup solution? Main PC (A) backups with it to simple backup server (B)? It’s happening too often that I have to push Override with Sendonly. And now there is a Revert? If (B) has a transfer error, harddrive failure or bit rot, will I get a Revert button then? I delete my indexes from time to time to check :).

Thanks for the info & the great program!

This will just shift the problem to the other side, you’ll have to override/revert on the other side to undo local changes (where it was override to undo remote changes). On the other hand, two devices with send receive will still be able to sync, even if the third receive only has local files modified.

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