Receive Only folder is stuck out of sync

I’ve got two Linux machines running Syncthing 1.23.6. One is setup with six send only folders and the other has those six folders as receive only. Three of the receive only folders are stuck in the “Out of Sync” state. Here are the details for one of them:

If I click on the “1 items” (sic) link it shows me this:

There’s 92 GB free on the destination disk so it’s not a case of running out of space.

Please can someone tell me what that error message means and how I can make things sync again?

Syncthing’s default minimum free disk space is 1% of the total storage volume.

Although there’s 92GB of free space, out of a 10TB volume, its 0.92% – less then the 1% threshold.

Expand a Syncthing folder, click Edit → Advanced to manage the setting.

Please keep in mind that although 92GB is a relatively decent amount of free space, with more than 9.9T of a 10TB volume already filled, it could be cutting it a bit close because the OS needs free space to map out bad blocks, there might be temporary files, etc.

Oh, so it is a disk space issue after all. It would be nice if the error message actually said that! Something like “Low disk space (< 1% free)” would be far better than the current message, which just has percentages without saying that they relate to disk space.

I’m surprised you didn’t get a separate message from syncthing. When my space drops below the threshold, I’m pretty sure I get a message in the gui, and I’m pretty sure synching stops until resolved by either freeing up space, or altering the threshold in Settings.

I didn’t get any other messages in the web UI. It was only after reading a few forum posts that I knew where to look to find that cryptic error message about percentages. I’ve got it syncing now by reducing the threshold to 0.25%. I do have another disk to put in the receiver machine that’s been hanging around since last year. Looks like it’s time to actually do that!

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The actual error message is insufficient space in folder folder-id (folder label): something < something else but this is (somewhat unfortunately) chopped at the last colon in the failed item dialog because Go errors have a tendency to look like puller: syncing file: open temp file: open: /some/temp/file/name: insufficient space: etc and all of that context in the prefixes is usually not required.

The full error can be seen in the mouseover.

Maybe we can tweak the error message to remove the last colon as a workaround :stuck_out_tongue:

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And while we’re at it, make strings like these coming from the backend translatable… :wink: For now at least it doesn’t prevent us from changing the string because we wouldn’t lose any translations.

Seriously, I did look into Go translation frameworks while working on the Weblate transition. But haven’t found a nice and easy solution to mark and extract translatable strings from Go source code yet. Will probably try again some time when less busy with life.

I’ve put together a simple PR for this:

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