Receive Encrypted node keeps getting stuck syncing

Pretty much title.

Both sides of the connection are showing 1 item out of sync.

This only seems to happen with this one node (which is a remote VPS, and the only one I have that’s type Receive Encrypted.)

I keep fixing this by removing the shared folders, then readding them, but it breaks again within hours.

There are quite a few debug options in Syncthing, but I’m not sure which to turn on to assist with troubleshooting this.

If it helps at all, both endpoints are Linux, version 1.27.3. The local one is a TrueNAS Scale app (so a k3s container.) The remote end is just installed from the apt repository.

Any help appreciated!

Something else odd that I’ve noticed - my NAS is trying to sync a file that no longer exists. The entire opnsense backups folder was deleted recently, as I’m handling those differently now.

Here’s what it looks like on the receive encrypted box. This file modification time makes no sense… and yes, I checked, the time on that box is accurate.

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