Rebuild complex ignore


My mistake, I deleted a shared directory. There was a complex .stignore therein. Before I delete the share that still shows local/global file+dir counts & sizes, is there a way extract relevant info in the DB that would help to rebuid the ignores (e.g. filenames)?

In that case I experimented that deleting a FolderShare an let ST recreate it is the best way (*) to recover data when we have no access to a remote peer’s .stversions (if it doesn’t exist, it’s time to set it) in which data will fall if we manually recreate the dir and inside .stfolder.

(*)The GUI gives all settings before deletion we need on recreation… but ignores.


Feel like it’s dead : the .stignore file being deleted, running

me@me:~$ curl -ksH "X-API-Key: api-key_here" https://localhost:8384/rest/db/browse?folder=myfol-derid > list.txt

gives the global listing although the GUI states the narrowed counts.

FWIW, I have no good ideas on how to accomplish what you want. Sorry.

Don’t worry man, it’s too late now I’ve recreated the share. An other mistake from me: should I have had a closer look at my list.txt, I’d have see the global list. I was too happy to have reach to get the list that I thought it was like I hoped :shushing_face:

For now, I just ignore “*” and I’ll release !WhatIneed on demand

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