Read-only user to monitor sync status


One of the great things about Syncthing is the ability to monitor in a browser from anywhere. It would be great if a read-only account could be made to monitor progress without having access to make any changes to the settings of Syncthing. For example, this could be used for a lower-level system admin who monitors systems but reports problems to a supervisor rather than attempting to fix the issue themselves. If one of my devices is disconnected, I would want that reported to me right away, but I do not want my employees to attempt to fix the problem themselves. Currently if I want one of my employees to monitor a device they must log in as the single admin user.

Thanks for the great application! I searched and did not find a similar request. I am posting in Features because I assume this is a feature request.

(Jakob Borg) #2

I can certainly see the utility for it in an enterprise setting. However, I think multiple users are out of scope for the Syncthing core use case.

One thing I could see instead is multiple api keys, which could each be rw or ro. There’s a ticket somewhere on there about improving and hashing api keys somewhere.


I can see setting up some monitoring through the API. Thanks for the suggestion.


When you succeed, please post your result so others (like me) can copy it … :wink:

I have a similar scenario, which would benefit with a “read only” GUI.