Read Only Folder creates too many Locally Changed Items

All of my remote devices that are Send & Receive work fine. They sync fully and stay up to date. They’re are all Macs. However, if I add a Mac or Linux Read Only device, that device will scan all items in the shared folder and then show the red button “Revert Local Changes” with a quantity of changes that’s just as high as the number of items. If I click that button again, the same thing happens even though none of the items have been changed locally or by the cluster. Is this the expected behavior? I have read the documentation many times.

I want to use Read Only because this is a backup device. I don’t want to take any chance that this device would introduce changes to the rest of the cluster.

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I assume that by a “read only” device you mean a Receive Only folder, right?

This is not the expected behaviour, and it would be very helpful if you could include some screenshots of the GUI from all the involved sides (plus the log files too, if possible). Also, what kind of file system are the files located on? Have you perhaps tried ticking the “ignore permissions” box?

I think this is expected. A receive only folder only receives files from other devices. If you add a folder with existing data then all those files are local changes, not received from anywhere else. “Revert” will clear this up, and won’t touch the actual files if they are in fact identical with what they should be.

That happens automatically: After scanning there will be locally changed items, but the ensuing scan will resolve all those which are equal to those on remotes.

There’s a lot riding on “equal” there though, including nanosecond level timestamps. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone. Yes, I meant Receive Only.

Ticking “Ignore Permissions” has apparently resolved the issue. I tested it by adding and editing some files from other clients, and after syncing, the Receive Only client now shows a status of Up to Date instead of Local Additions. I’ll watch this closely while doing further testing, but assuming this works, all I have to say is “well, that was easy!” :slight_smile:


Differing timestamps also get resolved. Everything that wouldn’t result in a conflict on a send-receive folder gets resolved.

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