read-only file system Error despite chmod 777

I want to sync a configuration file from a->b. a is send only and b is receive only.

Folder is /etc/xxx on both systems. Syncthing fails with "open /etc/xxx/.Syncthing.blabla.tmp: read only filesystem.

I tried a lot and gave up by doing chmod -R 777 /etc/xxx But I still get this error. How is this even possible?

It’s a read-only filesystem, not a file without read permission. Check how that filesystem is mounted.

Our systemd files have options to prevent writes to /etc and other system places by default.


That means that Syncthing is never writing to /etc**?

Not usually, no. Depends on what the user does though. If you want it to, you need to change that option with systemctl edit syncthing@ and there add

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