Raspberry Pi Stuck in Pause

YES! It was my network. I had a feeling it was going to be something stupid like that. I don’t know when it got set to public, but changing it to private fixed the discovery problem. Thank you!

I have a new problem now, I’ve shared a folder but nothing I put in it syncs to the other device. What is preventing a shared folder from syncing? The folder and devices say “up to date” on both the PI GUI and the windows GUI, but nothing is syncing. I have send & receive enabled.

Here is something else that is strange, when I add files to the shared folder on the windows device both GUIs global and local states update to show the number of files in the folder, but nothing syncs to the PI. When I add files to the shared folder on the PI the local and global states don’t update and nothing syncs.

I thought for sure, after your suggestion of changing my network to private resulted in the devices being able to link to each other, that was going to be it but I guess not. :rage:

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Please post screenshots from both sides showing what the current situation looks like. Make sure to unfold both the folder and device information, so that all the details are visible.

It sounds like you could be looking at the wrong directory on the Pi. Make sure to verify the path that is configured for the folder matches where you put the files that Syncthing fails to see.

It looks odd to see a folder path starting with N:\ on a Raspberry Pi running Linux. How come?

I have it mapped as a network drive. Maybe that is the issue. I’ll try linking it using the IP instead and see if that makes a difference.

That was it! Apparently I didn’t set it up the exact same way as the first time. I thought I used the mapped drive address, but if I would have stopped to think about it for a second it makes sense why that wouldn’t work.

Anyway, I thank all you of so much for the help. It is very much appreciate!

Is there anything I should do to mark this as solved?

You’re welcome. No need for action here, the topic will close when idle for a longer period.

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