Raspberry Pi/Debian Setup


I’m doing my first setup of Syncthing on a Raspberry Pi, and I have a couple of questions.

I want Syncthing to autostart without needing a user login, so I’ve set up with systemctl enable syncthing@pi.service, and it appears to be working; I’ve also set it to not launch until the time service is running by doing a systemctl edit syncthing@pi.service and adding this:


However, I want to provide some custom arguments to the Syncthing launch command - to point my ST home folder to an external device rather than using the SD card. Do I do this by editing /etc/systemd/user/syncthing@.service, or by setting the ExecStart line I want into the override file too?

Secondly: I’ve got Syncthing 1.7.1 running - but Automatic upgrades seem to be disabled. Is this intentional, or can I override that somehow?

Many thanks!

Ah - I’ve just seen here that:

Auto upgrades are not enabled in builds delivered via APT.

I’d prefer to get the regular automatic updates (this Pi will be largely unattended) - so what would be the best way to install and configure for that?

You can configure automatic updates via APT in Debian. Or you can uninstall that package and download the binary directly from GitHub to get the built in auto upgrade. Keep in mind the binary and directory must be writable by the user running Syncthing.

The other stuff is a systemd question, but I expect you can override the ExecStart as you like.

Ah thanks. Sometimes it just needs the right term to feed Professor Google. :slightly_smiling_face: It seems I can add it to the override by adding:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/syncthing -no-browser -no-restart -logflags=0 -home /media/syncpi/syncthing_config

(The nearly-blank line is required to replace the existing item)

Is it? This is in my config.xml:


…yet this is what I see:

No, you need to look in the Debian documentation for unattended upgrades. The stuff in Syncthing is for our own updates.

Ah - right. Understood - thanks!

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