Raspberry Pi as Relay and Discovery Server


I am new here, just asking, is it possible to run the discovery Server and the relay server or one of them on a raspberry pi?

The docker discosrv was not possible to start, probably because it is amd64. Is it possible to build somehow my own docker containers that are compiled for arm32v7, go would probably also exist on rasbian, right?

Our Debian packages exist for arm, otherwise the individual GitHub releases for the discovery server and relay server should work.

Great, thank you for the fast reply, is it possible to put them in docker containers which I can update? Should be possible with the normal Dockerfile, right? Would be easier maybe to update through docker that way.

There are dockerfiles for them in the source repo, I guess running that on arm might generate arm dockerfiles?

No, sadly not, the get exec error (which means probably wrong architecture).

I tried the Dockerfile:
also with golang:1.13 or just golang nothing worked. Everytime I get the following error when I build the docker image:

Step 7/17 : RUN rm -f stdiscosrv && go run build.go -no-upgrade build stdiscosrv
 ---> Running in f08ceef1ed25
stat build.go: no such file or directory (THIS ERROR)
The command '/bin/sh -c rm -f stdiscosrv && go run build.go -no-upgrade build stdiscosrv' returned a non-zero code: 1

FROM arm32v7/golang AS builder

COPY . .

ENV BUILD_HOST=syncthing.net
RUN rm -f stdiscosrv && go run build.go -no-upgrade build stdiscosrv

FROM alpine

EXPOSE 19200 8443

VOLUME ["/var/stdiscosrv"]

RUN apk add --no-cache ca-certificates su-exec

COPY --from=builder /src/stdiscosrv /bin/stdiscosrv
COPY --from=builder /src/script/docker-entrypoint.sh /bin/entrypoint.sh

ENV PUID=1000 PGID=1000 HOME=/var/stdiscosrv

HEALTHCHECK --interval=1m --timeout=10s \
  CMD nc -z localhost 8443 || exit 1

WORKDIR /var/stdiscosrv
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/entrypoint.sh", "/bin/stdiscosrv"]

I got both installed through normal debian apt install, docker would be still preffered, but it should work for now :slight_smile:

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