Raspberry and Firewalls

Hi from Italy! I need do send by the web (without change the firewall configuration, so trough https) some 1-20 files weekly with size of about 20-200mb eachone (the double files are about 10-30%,it mean that the same file will go to multiple devices that sometimes are in the same LAN/WAN). The files will be sent from the linux VPS into a folder of Raspbian (a Debian ARM version) 8 pixel of Raspberry pi 3 model B devices. Is this software for me?

What does firewall have to do with https?

If you setupo that your VPS has an open port to Sycnthing, all clients will be able to connect to it and sync. For local sync, either your devices firewall needs to lets broadcast/multicast through, or you need to enter the IPs/hostnames directly to be able to connect.

You can run Synthing on any port you want. So if by “without change the firewall configuration, so trough https” you mean that you can only connect through port 442 to the internet, than you can do that with Syncthing.

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