Quick Clarification about FolderCompletion events

As far as I can tell by looking at the audit logs it seems to me that FolderCompletion events for remote devices are only triggered when the host is fully synced by itself.

This is of course the intended case, but I just want to check if it is reliable or if I should check it myself.

Check what yourself?

That the current completion status of the device on which I poll the FolderCompletion events is 100%.

The simple question is: Under which circumstances is a FolderCompletion event created?

My guess: When the device on which the event is created is fully in sync and the FolderCompletion status on the remote device has changed.

I just want to confirm that.

It’s emitted when the remote completion changes.

Is it corresponding to an FolderSummary event on the remote device?

Summary is periodic (as stuff locally changes potentially much faster)

Ok. There was still no confirmation or denial that FolderCompletion events only happen when the host on which the events are received is fully in sync.

The local in sync status has no bearing on the folder completion event.

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