QUIC listener ([::]:22000) shutting down

SyncThing_Log.txt (8.4 KB)

We quite often have this message (from line 13 in attachment log). And interestingly always on Wednesdays before 4 pm. Do you have any ideas concerning reasons and correction?

(on both concerned servers we have marked the option “Insecure Allow Old TLS Versions”).

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It’s not really the QUIC listener that’s shutting down, the Syncthing process is being stopped at that point and being restarted an hour-ish later.

Do any other noteworthy tasks run on the affected devices around that time?

Also, the used Syncthing version is from the beginning of May it seems, it may be an idea to update it to a more recent version.


We did not find any special tasks at that time. What operations should/could a task do to shutdown SyncThing?

Is syncthing running as a Windows service or using a wrapper like SyncTrazor?

I would say neither nor. Syncthing is started on our Windows servers by the executable ‘syncthing.exe’.

Do you use the Task Scheduler to start Syncthing? If not, please describe exactly what you do to run it (as I’d assume that you don’t execute syncthing.exe manually each time…).

Is there any specific reason for this? Your Syncthing version is quite new, and I’d assume the same is the case on the other device. This option was originally added to allow synchronisation with very old Syncthing versions that had been shipped with some LTS Linux distributions and hadn’t been updated since then. There is normally no need to enable it unless you’ve got devices still running those old distros.

Yes, we use the Task Scheduler to start Syncthing (defined ‘at system startup’, by starting batch script, with command ‘C:\SyncThing\syncthing-windows-amd64-v1.20.1\syncthing.exe -no-browser -logflags=7’).

We have set the TLS option because on our Windows server ‘Use TLS 1.2’ ist defined and we thought that this could be in opposition to the message in the log (line 14).

Is IMHO the best way to properly run syncthing as a service on Windows.

Please check in the task settings whether the task isn’t set to automatically stop running after 3 days (which is the default). Syncthing is supposed to be always running, so it should have no time limit.

Yeah, you don’t need to enable any such option if you don’t run something like Syncthing v1.0 and older on other devices. The option itself is described in the Docs (see https://docs.syncthing.net/advanced/option-insecure-allow-old-tls-versions.html), although it would be nice if the specific version numbers were mentioned there.

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It’s difficult to specify this exactly, because it’s more of a question of which Go version syncthing was compiled with and with which settings syncthing is being run.

TLS 1.3 is enabled by default with Go 1.13 and newer. Syncthing v1.3.0 was the first official release to be build with Go 1.13 [Numbers align quite nicely actually].

Before that, Go 1.12 already supported TLS 1.3, but only with a GODEBUG opt-in. Syncthing used to set this on beta builds by default, but not on release builds. In any case, users could manually set this if they wanted to. Therefore, various syncthing versions build with Go 1.12 might support TLS v1.3 as well.

Third-party packaging might have used different Go versions as the builder and hence version numbers will vary for them.

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Thanks a lot! The question about the task settings was the right one! :smiley:

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