Questions regardling file versioning & backups

Hi! Im reading on: File Versioning — Syncthing v1 documentation & am wondering if its possible to store all older versions on all synced devices rather than just having changes made on a remote device result in a local backup. So that if I modify file a.txt on my local hard drive, I would like a backup file being created also locally and not just on the remote devices that the change gets relayed to s- so that the “.stversions” folder should always have the same contents on every device.

Im also curious if synching uses any kind of data compression for backups? I will be working with relatively large files that may exceed a couple of GBs each, so I would like to avoid having 10 backups where 90% of the data is identical resulting in the same stuff being stored over and over again.

Both features are not part of Syncthing right now. But you could implement them on top I suppose if you use the external versioning mode. Pass the file to some tool to deduplicate parts and make a new Syncthing shared folder for that tool’s data storage, without versioning of course.

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It has been suggested now and then that the .stversions directory can be added a separate folder and thus synced between your devices. That should work for having the same versions everywhere; it’s not something I’ve tried. As for compression, no, these are just copies of the files.

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