Questions before I start using syncthing

Hi everyone. I am planning to set up Syncthing as a way to play a certain game between android (through a certain ‘emulator’, JoiPlay) and my home PC. They both use the same type of save file system. Essentially I want a two-way synchronised save directory between my phone and PC.

First off, I just wanted to know if this was possible using Syncthing before I start looking for tutorials.

If it is, then let’s say my computer is off, and I rewrite the saved file by playing and saving on my mobile device. Will the file be synced to my PC as soon as both devices are connected to the internet? Or are there other requirements eg keeping the software open on both devices?

Also, do I need to set up a server or root my phone to use Syncthing?

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: Is Synctrazor just the Windows application for Syncthing?

The file will be synced as soon as both devices are online. Syncthing obviously needs to be running in background to make the synchronisation possible. Server isn’t needed, but of course, if you can have one device running all the time, it will help prevent conflicts and such. The phone can probably play this role though (as long as you enable sync both on Wi-Fi and mobile data).

When it comes to rooting the phone, it depends where the game saves its files. It it’s just a normal folder on the internal storage, you don’t need root access. On the other hand, if the files are stored on the /data partition, then root access will be necessary.

Yes, it’s what we call a “wrapper”. It comes with additional functionality, e.g. proper Windows installer, autostart on user logon, tray icon, etc.

I see, thanks for the quick reply. Could you elaborate on the possible conflicts? I may not be able to keep my phone on and connected to wifi/data 24/7. As such, is there a way to have the file saved on a cloud folder as well that acts as the device running all the time? Or is that unnecessary?

Conflicts happen when the same file has been edited on both sides while they weren’t connected and synchronising. Theoretically, you can avoid them if you are cautious to only edit the file once the folder is “Up to Date” on both sides (i.e. 100% synced with each other). However, there are situations when the two devices may not be able to connect immediately to sync your previous changes for some reason (especially considering using the phone on a flaky mobile connection), so for smooth synchronisation, having at least once device that is always on helps (as your changes can sync to it right away). It’s not strictly required, of course.

There is no “cloud” when it comes to Syncthing. However, if you can have one device that is on 24/7 and acts as a server in between the other devices, it can basically play that role. For the record, that device can be anything, e.g. an old desktop/laptop or even an Android phone that you would leave at home turned on and always connected to the Internet. Alternatively, you could also just not turn off the desktop PC.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up. Will probably keep my mobile syncthing always up then.

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