Questions about encryption (but also unencrypted) on remote machine.


At home I have a server. On this server I store my data, and also has userprofile folders from both a remote computer and a internal computer synced. This data is unencrypted et both ends. I also backup all my server data on my home-server to the Home Computer, the data is not encrypted there. But now I also want to backp up my home-server to the remote computer. Here I want the data from the home-server encrypted on the red backup drive.

(All transfers is one-way)


  • The node itself is not configured as “untrusted” now, does it have to be or can it be untrusted just for one share?
  • How do I configure this? guess at home-server I set shares with a password on the home-server and no password on the remote machine?
  • Should I use “Receive encrypted” as Folder Type on the remote machine for this share?
  • If I encrypt data on the remote machine, is there any way to browse these files with a temporary password input to verify that there actually are my files that are there and not just random characters?

The “untrusted” setting is just there for your own consciousness, so that you can be extra sure that you don’t ever share unencrypted folders with the specific device (e.g. by mistake). You can very well share encrypted folders with the device without enabling it.

The above is correct. You don’t want to input any password on the remote machine, as that would be equal to sharing the data in its unencrypted state.

If you share the folder with a password set, the folder type should automatically be set to “Receive Encrypted” on the remote device.

That’s not possible. You can only decrypt them using the command line (see

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