Question on syncing

Hello, I have been using syncthing for a few months to sync some files between my local storage and a remote server. I have about 10 terabytes of data syncing between the two. I was wondering what the difference is between the individual folder syncs and the “remote devices” sync? A lot of times remote devices (remote / offsite) will be just 1% or 90%. Like right now its 90% and in about 20 minutes it will probably say 1% again. When logged into the remote server’s interface it says this server (my local) is “syncing (3%)” which I find hard to believe. Is it safe to say syncthing is doing its job despite the confusing numbers? Any input would be appreciated.

Edit: if it helps both are on v0.13.7, Linux (64 bit)

The remote device percentage indicates how much of the files it has told us it has. That’s 0% when just connected and no index information has been sent yet, increasing up to 100% when all index info has been sent - assuming the devices are in sync, otherwise it’ll stop at 90% or whatever the actual number is.

If it’s flipping up and back down again it sounds like the devices are repeatedly reconnecting for some reason. Check the console logs for clues.

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