[Question] How to get the device i conneting to via api

Im not a programmer but im ambitious. i have a bit of python knowledge.

Im connecting to device via rest api and i want to get its name. I’ve looking for a unique identifiers all over /rest/system/config and few order places in order to get the device name.

Any one can assist here? many thanks.

There is another endpoint (can’t remember from the top of my head) that gives you information about the local device which includes the ID, and from that yoy can resolve the name.

https://docs.syncthing.net/rest/system-status-get.html tells you who you are talking to. I have a vague memory that we also set an x-syncthing-id header or so in the HTTP response, but on mobile so not going to go looking for it.

The device name is in the config.

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Thank you so much!!! ive been looking this for hours!!

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