Question for setup


I try to replace btsync with syncthing and i have some problem in sync process.

My setup :

  • Seedbox - Debian with folder “Finish1” set master
  • My computer - Windows with fold “Finish2”

When things go on Finish1, they sync to Finish2. Ok no problem.

If i move something on Finish1 before finish sync, it disappear. Ok no problem.

But if i move something on Finish2, everything stop and even “Override” didn’t work. It keep looking for files i move.

So what can i do to :

  • be able to sync Finish1 with Finish2

  • be able to move files from Finish1 before they are complety sync with Finish2.

  • move files from Finish2 without make change on Finish1 and without connect to UI to push “Override”.

With Btsync i use “Read Only” function.

Thank :smile:

I don’t think syncing two folders from the same location is supported, which is what you are doing if I understand you correctly.

Folder Finish1 on remote server sync with folder finish2 on my local computer.

Not the use of syncthing ?

Sorry, I have no clue what you are talking about then. Folders (syncthing folders not filesystem folders) need to have the same name, hence I am not sure how you are trying to connect two different folders together.

Yes same folder name is just use 1 and 2 to difference the folder here.

If you move a file in F1 while F2 is syncing it’s expected that it will disappear (because it did disappear from F1 and reappeared somewhere else, hence this new location is now being synced).

If you modify any files on F2, F1 will refuse to sync with it (because F2’s version is now newer), and this is expected. It might continue to work (not sure) if you for example and new files, but it will definitely not update the files you moved.

So I don’t think you can do what you want.