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Hi everyone! This is my first post, and this is my first little issue.

I use Syncthing to sync my PC with my Android devices. I have customized my main sync folder on PC with a personal icon. This, as you know, creates a desktop.ini file inside this folder on my PC. I do not wont this file to be synced with my android devices, but I am unable to achieve this result. I created a .stignore file, but desktop.ini keeps to be synced nonetheless. The problem is that, even after reading the documentation, looking the internet and this forum for examples, I am not sure of what the content of .stignore file should be. None of the attempts I’ve tried until now has worked.

Please, could someone post here, from A to Z, what the entire content of .stignore should be, in order to exclude desktop.ini from synchronization? Something that I can simply copy/paste.

Thanks in advance, Alpha.

To ignore desktop.ini anywhere, simply:


To make sure that it doesn’t prevent deleting a directory, if it’s the only thing left in the directory:

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Thank you!

see also here: Useful .stignore Patterns

Thank you both for your answers. One last little question: as I already said, I want to exclude only desktop.ini from being synchronized with my android devices. Where should I put .stignore?

1 - On the sync folder of my android devices only (tablet and smartphone) 2 - On the sync folder of my PC only 3 - Both on my android devices and my PC.

Only on the device that shares the file you don’t want to be scanned.

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