Question about send only and receive only

June 2023 - Hi, I am using syncthing to distribute files to different nodes . My deployment is one ‘send only’ node and others are all ‘receive only’ nodes , all these nodes are in one cluster which means each node share the same folder with all the other nodes in the cluster . My question is whether the ‘receive node’ can send block data of shared file to other nodes so that not all data are retrieved from ‘send only’ node.My question in short is in the cluster mentioned above whether P2P mechanism still work .

Yes, the “Receive Only” devices in the cluster can download data blocks from its peers instead of relying just on the “Send Only” device.

It’s easy to verify:

  1. On the “Send Only” device, temporarily pause one of the “Receive Only” devices.
  2. Add a new file to the shared folder on the “Send Only” device.
  3. Check for the file change on the “Receive Only” device that was paused on the “Send Only” device.

Because the “Send Only” device wasn’t sending updates to the paused “Receive Only” device, the only way that the paused device could get a copy of the new file is if it received it from one or more of the other “Receive Only” devices.

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