Question about mapping folders between devices

I’m just getting started with Syncthing. I have it installed on a Linux device and a Windows device (on the same LAN).

I am at the point, now, of testing a connection between the two devices, and I want to understand something before I do that.

Say I have a system SA with folder FA. And, I have a system SB with a folder FB. Note that the folders have different names. I want to send files (send only) from FA to FB. How do I go about making this mapping and directionality?

I hope I am clear here. But please don’t hesitate to start a conversation.


Please check if you haven’t already. Basically, you just need to install Syncthing on each of the two devices, connect them, then add a new folder on one of them and share it with the other. Then, you should accept it on the other. Syncthing will take care of the rest.

The only potential problem here, which I can see, is

Please keep in mind that “Send Only” doesn’t mean that you just send files in one direction. It simply means that the Send Only side doesn’t accept any changed from other devices. However, if you delete files inside a Send Only folder, then those will be synced and deleted on other devices too.

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When adding the folder on each device, it gets assigned a random identifier (Folder ID) of the Form abcde-fghij. You need to make sure they match on both sides. Either by entering it manually on one side, or by sharing from one device to the other and accepting the invitation that pops up there.

For a send-only setup, you can just set the folder type to Send-Only in the Advanced tab when editing the folder in the Web GUI. Note that in Syncthing, it means sending all changes though, including deletions.

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