Question about how to exclude windows junction folders


I was wondering if Syncthing can exclude (ignore patterns) windows junction folders (like shortcuts).

They are commonly found in /User/XXusername/: like Application Data (an alias to AppData), Cookies, Local Settings.

These folder will always fail to sync and really doesn’t need to be synced.

Did you try to use ignore patterns? I would expect that to work.

Or we might need an option to not follow junctions :roll_eyes:

I have to do it individually for every junction folder. I couldn’t get a wildcard ignore pattern working for all junction folders at once.

I do not do this myself, but many people seem to synchronise their user profile folder in Windows… and junctions are plentiful there.

Syncing a directory that is by OP admission full of directories that can’t and shouldn’t be synced doesn’t seem like a great idea. It would either require lots of ignore patterns, inverse ignore patterns (!something-to-sync followed by *) or setting up individual synced folders for the interesting things…

I am not saying that it is a good idea, just stating the facts :wink:. I would assume that some may do it purely for backup purposes, i.e. to store it somewhere, and not to use the same profile in different Windows installations.

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