Question about centralized file scanning

So, I’ve set up a Raspberry Pi at home that is running as a centralized file server. All devices are only connected to this one device, as none of the connected devices are turned on at the same time. A master device if you will.

So, as the files on the Pi never really change locally (they only change when connected devices reports about changes), I thought about disabling File Watcher as well as the Scanning as it seems to be a waste of Pi’s obviously limited resources (obviously, all connected devices will have File Watching and Scanning enabled).

Can I do this without risking errors?

I think you should be fine doing that. If the local state changes nonetheless, any time another device requests data or you pull data from a remote device and Syncthing realizes that what is on disk, doesn’t match what should be there, a scan of that item will happen. Alternatively you could keep periodic scan on a very long interval (e.g. every day), just to be safe.