Queing and Previewing?

Hi everyone,

I just found Syncthing today and perused the documentation and couldn’t find my answer so I thought I’d ask -

Does Syncthing allow for queuing of changes to be sync’d with a preview?

I’m currently using BeyondCompare to perform a manual and simplistic mirror of my data to two other machines (Windows -> Windows / Raspberry Pi inside a safe). I worry about inadvertent changes made to the master repo as well as Windows data rot. Therefore I like to review all changes prior to the synchronize. I’ve had issues in the past with files getting updated that I did not want, for instance - Windows wanting to add metadata to my music or someone in my family accidentally deleting a file. Things like that. Also I periodically will do a full comparison of machines to make sure they match up at the byte level - this is where I think Syncthing will shine if it behaves similarly to Rsync. Furthermore, real-time syncing isn’t of interest to me as I want to control when to do the mirror because I may not want my network/disks to be saturated because I might be watching media.

To summarize, I want to be able to queue any changes and finally review/approve what is going to be mirrored. Will Syncthing do this?


I forgot to add that, I’m looking for a solution that does client/server hashing. When I do a full byte-level comparison using BeyondCompare all data is transported over the network and its taking me roughly 3-4 days to complete against my Raspberry Pi because of it’s bus speed limitation where USB and Network share the same bus (~10MB/s).

There’s nothing like this currently, apart from the “master repo” protection against changes.

Gotchya, thanks Jakob!