Qsyncthingtray on OS X, "connection refused"


I was previously using syncthing-bar, but moved over to QSyncthingTray, but the icon stays grey and I can’t access the GUI (either from the menu or in a browser address bar.

I’ve tried using both the 127.x.x.x address and localhost, but neither work. I’ve deleted the old app completely from my laptop and was going to set up the folders again in the settings.

Hopefully someone knows the issue! I’m writing a story for a DJ technology site about how to set up syncing your music library over multiple computers.

I think opening an issue on QSyncthingTray’s issue tracker would be the most productive thing.

Thanks. Resolved it with their help. It was an issue with the settings in the Syncthing server: the web GUI address was misnamed ‘lcalhost’, so I bypassed it using the CLI and changed it properly in the settings.

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Glad to have helped.

Probably a bit out of topic, but are you on Syncthing v12 or v11? I noticed the changes in the REST API last night (leading to an incorrect number of connections being displayed) and committed some fixes. Will pull out a new release probably tomorrow, but I’m just curious whether its worth the effort to maintain downwards compatibility to v11.

According to data.syncthing.net, about 20% of users are still on v0.11 (which may be skewed by the fact that we have lower reporting of v0.12 users).

I support the latest 2 Syncthing versions: by the time v0.13 comes out, v0.11 will be pretty much dead.

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Thanks for the hint! Didnt know that exists :smile: I’ll make sure of v11 compatibility then.

Thankfully the APIs for v0.11 and v0.12 are pretty similar. v0.10 / v0.11 was a PITA :slight_smile:

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I grabbed 0.12.8 fresh from the site.

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