QNAP NAS file ownership and permissions and shared folders

I installed the QNAP Syncthing package to sync to my QNAP storage. Works nicely, thanks a lot for that!

I just have a small issue with file ownership and permissions.

I would like to access the synced files on the NAS through a shared folder. This works, when I configure Syncthing to store into a shared folder, which I created before. And I can access that folder as one would expect.

Now the problem is: QNAP runs all applications in the admin account. So all files created by Syncthing have ownership “admin” and group “administrators”. The permissions for the files are: 644 for files and 755 for directories. So others can read the files, but can’t modify any files.

So when I access the shared folder via SMB, I can’t change any files. I can only read them. Interestingly: Wenn I access the shared folder via WebDAV, I can modify the files. Probably because WebDAV access is managed by an application, which is also running as admin. :slight_smile:

So is there a way to modify the permission mask, that Syncthing uses when writing files onto the QNAP storage?

Or do you have other ideas how to solve this problem?

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You can enable ignore permissions at which point it will inherit the umask.

I’ve put a line like … in my /mnt/HDA_root/.config/crontab :

*/10 … chmod -R 0777 /path/to/share/

It quickly corrects permissions for qnap smb users.

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