pull: no such file

I had an unfortunate idea to try Syncthing on FreeNAS. As the synchronization went on so did “something else” in the background, to the point of where i got the error “pull: no such file”. This error did no exist before, so i assume ZFS or something is to blame. The version of Syncthing on FreeNAS was 1.4

The problem persists when trying to sync the same files on Debian. Windows do not complain. I did not try it on macOS.

If i open a file (like image or pdf) and save it, without any changes done to it, just overwriting the existing file, the problem goes away.

Does someone have a better understanding of this? Is there a way to mass-change files (attributes) in the command line? Probably is, but what to change?

That error means that the remote device it is requesting data from, doesn’t have that data.

What exactly did you do: Did you share an existing folder with the FreeNAS device? Did you copy the data to FreeNAS in advance or was the folder root empty when you started this? How old is the folder in question (i.e. does the error come up on really old data that hasn’t been touched in years)?

There was no data on the FreeNAS, it was empty. And yes, interestingly the problem does seem to be with the older files.

Are we talking early 2017 and older? Then you might be affected by the same problem I was last week and fixed in master (thus proving wrong my assumption that no-one but me will profit from the fix :slight_smile: ). I can’t link to it right now, as github is having troubles (will do later).

If that’s really your problem: To mitigate right now disconnect the new device (freenas) - it would just forever keep the other remotes busy (invalidating and rehashing files, using cpu). How to proceed from there depends on what risk level you accept: You could run master or backport the fix, however that’s always risky and definitely in this case (it’s a small, but rather fundamental change) - I have it running on my systems but that’s about the testing it got for now. You could wait for v1.8.0. Or you could rebuild your database on old devices (those also running since <2017).

Hmm yes it seems the problem files all have “last change” date 2016 and older, although one txt file with change date in 2016 is not causing any problems while PDF and image files are. Thank you for the help. I chose the safe way and will wait for 1.8

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