pull: no available source device

We have a folder that is shared with only 4 of our devices, they are reporting the error as stated in this posts title. The thing is, this file is actually in the folder, I can see it, so why is this error showing? All devices are online so there isn’t any other source it could get it from?


Some device must have had a newer version and went away. You can restart all instances and it should go away as we clear remote indexes on restart.

Can you grab this build, run that on one of them, and when it’s in that state open http://localhost:8080/rest/filestatus?folder=thatFolder&file=thatFile (for actual values of folder and file name and GUI location…) – it’ll show the current local and global versions and the supposed availability. It shouldn’t be possible for there to exist a newer version that’s not available anywhere…

I’ve got that build up, will report back either tonight/tomorrow as it’s been a busy day today and I didn’t get chance to run it whilst everyone was working.

Appreciate the prompt reply.

Private message sent with output @calmh