Proxy that requires authentication

Can I use a SOCKS5 proxy that requires authnetication? I set up the proxy using all_proxy=socks5:// but it is not clear to me if/how I can set user and pass for it.

Cheers, Gilli

At a guess, all_proxy=socks5://

Yes, that should work.

Hmm, I can’t seem to get it to work that way. I still get rejected username and password

I checked the code and it should work, as it extracts auth from the URL, so I guess your problem is somewhere else. Sadly I don’t have anything to test or debug against.

Hmm okay I guess I simply used the wrong password. Unfortunately now I am getting another error:

UPnP parse: Get proxy: port number out of range: 0

I am using port 1080 for the proxy if that matters.

that error is from UPnP which obviously does not work with a proxy :wink:

Yeah UPnP will most likely not work via proxy, but to be honest, the router here is returning the wrong response it seems.

Hmm okay I tried everything once again from the start and now it seems to be finally syncing through the proxy.

Thanks for your help.

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