Proxy support

@calmh what is the state of being able to proxy discovery server connections? Now that we’re moving into the land of using https to get through things like corporate firewalls, we’re straying into that sort of territory. Will syncthing use the system proxy settings (or will Go use them) or…?

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No more proxy support here than anywhere else, sorry.

The HTTPS stuff could technically use a proxy set by the system in $HTTP_PROXY but I doubt this is very cross platform (hello Mac, Windows) and it wouldn’t help with the actual sync connection. Support for proxying of that would need to be implemented “manually”, although we could lift the implementation from the standard library. And I guess let the user set the proxy in the config if we don’t pick it up from the environment.

Not something I’m particularly interested in, but as always, contributions welcome.

While proxy support would most likely make some people who want to sync stuff from within a company network happy, it would make IT immediately pull the plug :wink: as data transfer from/to a company network should always follow officially company provided methods.

I think the proxy is the officially provided method, in most cases where this would actually be useful.

I guess you got me wrong here. Most companies would have proxies - true. I meant that most companies most likely would have predefined ways of data extradition or transfer and usually don’t like any other methods of “uncontrolled” data transfers. Anything that smells like p2p usually would be prohibited.