Proper way to exclude Libreoffice lock files?

I have an issue with Syncthing and Libreoffice documents. Namely, Syncthing wants to sync its lock files, despite me excluding them.

Basically, while working with a LibreOffice document, it will create lock files, such as the following.


In the ignore settings, I’ve placed the following:


So theoretically, Syncthing shouldn’t sync these lock files. And for a while, it hasn’t been. But lately, it seems to be hell-bent on syncing these (did ignore settings change in a new version)? This causes Syncthing to read “Out of Sync” forever, and it won’t recover unless I feed it files with the name its looking for (despite me not wanting to sync them in the first place).

I’ve read the documentation, and either I’m not understanding it, or something has changed. I’m hoping it’s something simple, since LibreOffice documents is a big use-case for me. Any assistance is appreciated.

Sounds like that ignore entry should work. Are they showing up as failed items in spite of this, or what happens exactly? Any output on the console / in the log?

Check that all devices sharing folder are ignoring the file. If a device has that file and an ignore for it, but another device does not have the ignore, you get this behaviour.

n.b. I don’t exclude these lock files as they can be important. If I open a file on my laptop that I had left open on my desktop, I know that there can be a conflict by editing it.

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Thanks for the replies. Syncthing shows the lock files as “out of sync” items. For example, it’s showing a few items as out of sync, this being one of them:


Each of the nodes are ignoring the same syntax: .~lock.*

For some reason, the ignore feature doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. :frowning:

@ProactiveServices: I can see your point there, but Syncthing can complain if a file is there one minute and gone the next (which is exactly the behavior of lock files). I’ve found lock files to be an overall disaster with Syncthing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Syncthing, but lock files have been a constant struggle for me (I basically live in LibreOffice documents the entire day). On my end though, I literally never edit the same file on two machines at the same time, so I have never run into a collision.

I had to create an account to chime in and say that this is the one thing I’ve had minor problems with. Two clients get out of sync and you have to override on one of them. I don’t have log files from when this happened. Whoops.

Unfortunately I’m still suffering from this problem. But now, Syncthing is not even telling me which shares have unsynced items. They all say “Up to Date” while my node is stuck on 100%.

You have to shut down both sides, and start them back uo simultaniously for ignores to be picked up.

I think that might’ve worked! Thanks.

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