Progress on RPM package review for inclusion in EPEL: comments and advice please


Ideally, we would have official packages for all distros, listed at and all interested would converge to make these as great as possible.

Here is a review request:

Feedback & testing much appreciated.


Related links below

For Fedora, there is But “Last update: Sep 20, 2014”

And also:

CentOS 6: centos6 x86_64 rpm "I hope someone smarter than me, and with more time on their hands, can create a nice build environment and can do a better job."


I look at the latest spec file, and it looks sane enough to me (although I don’t run RedHat and it’s the first time I’ve looked at a spec file). However I wouldn’t bundle the stindex and stevents binaries, they are not something a general user would use I think. Well, maybe stevents but surely not stindex.

Thanks Jakob!

Could / should we be collaborating on files such as this somewhere like

If so, what is best place?


One more repo:

Designed for CentOS 6 or 7 / ClearOS 6 or 7. Will likely work on Fedora

1- Follow instructions here: 2- yum install syncthing

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According to RedHat (Fedora, CENTOS, …) guidelines, the SRPM must build everything from source.

Hello all,

If this doens’t sound too late for this thread I’ve created a .spec from the source tarball for version 0.14.23 You can get it on github

I adapted from mlazarov (listed in the public contributions) and the bugzilla report from this topic. Any review appreciated, I know there’s still some work to be done to comply to Fedora .spec requirements.

I assume you mean some other version as there is no 0.18.1. Otherwise carry on, I guess. :slight_smile:

Oh, my bad I was looking at some other piece of software at the same time and mixed the version numbers, I will edit :slight_smile:

Thanks @calmh

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