Progress Indicator with Locked files


When using ST to backup my Outlook archives (which are open most off the time).

On the Client with the archives syncthingis stay at 76% On the server I see the warning “Folder “backup_office” isn’t making progress - check logs for possible root cause. Pausing puller for 1m0s.”

So I have tree questions:

  1. Why the client notify the server about data that it cannot send yet?
  2. Why pause the puller on the server, as it should still be able to receive other files/other clients?
  3. After 1m0s will it pull other files or lock on the same one straight away?

Anyways, thanks for ST :smile:

  1. It doesn’t or I am not sure what is the definition of cannot send.
  2. The fact that we failed to pull something implies that the content is still changing, hence we give it a minute to settle before we try again. Otherwise we might just be burning bandwidth and CPU cycles to hit the same problem on the next pull.
  3. Syncthing doesn’t lock. It pulls files in alphabetical order (that will change eventually), hence if we failed to pull B, C will not be pulled as well. Once we get past B, C will get synced too. Locking might be enforced by Windows though.

I don’t know. It shouldn’t do that unless it was able to open and read (hash) the file to start with.

It’ll have handled all the files that it could handle, but still pauses when there are “impossible” files remaining to avoid retrying them in an infinite loop. The reason it couldn’t complete is in “the logs”, which is the syncthing.log file in the config directory on Windows, or stdout on the terminal in other OS:es. (Yes, this should be improved!)

this is the error:

 Puller (folder "zukoo_work", file "Outlook Archives/archive_2014.pst"): pull: no available source device

The file is there but opened in Outlook, that is in the log server side (linux) not on the workstation (windows) The file is 1GB+, is it possible that if ST start syncing it and Outlook lock/change it in the middle of the sync it would cause that?

Maybe. I’m not sure off hand how we handle locked files on Windows, if we suddenly can’t open and read them (for scanning or transfer). Needs testing.

Yes, this can happen if we ask for something, and the result we get has a different hash. In that case, there is nobody else to try to get a block with that specific hash.

It’s not a big deal anyway, as soon as I close Outlook & rescan the folder it sync again, it’s just not pretty.

Ah, makes sense. Then it’s just a cryptic error message for “the file changes while being transferred”.