Probs building after 5851aabe


I’m having problems building syncthing git after 5851aabe - Include browser_download_url field. If I run:

go run build.go -no-upgrade

I get:

cmd/stupgrades/main.go:24:10: undefined: upgrade.FetchLatestReleases
cmd/stupgrades/main.go:30:12: undefined: upgrade.SortByRelease
exit status 2
exit status 1

If I run:

go run build.go

All is well with the world.

Is -no-upgrade no longer supported?



Yeah. It’s not since that commit but since adding cmd/stupgrades in general - the upgrade server cannot be built without the upgrade code (-no-upgrade), and the default build mode is to build all the binaries.

You can go run build.go -no-upgrade build syncthing to get just cmd/syncthing built without upgrades though. This is what we do for Debian packages.



Thanks for the speedy response! :slight_smile:


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