Problems with RaspberryPi and Samba

I just installed syncthing for the first time last night. I set up a single share from a full directory on my Linux laptop to and empty directory on my Raspberry Pi. The directory on my PI is connected via Samba from an NTFS external drive attached to my router. (Note: this setup has been working fine with BTSync, so things are basically connected correctly).

It ran for a bit but gave a bunch of errors about not being able to do chmod on the files it received. So I stopped it (rather ungracefully I’m afraid) and the set the “ignore permissions” flag on the PI. Restarted. Came back this morning and found it was spewing similar errors about not being able to change the times on the received files. It looks like it actually transferred all the contents of the files, but all the files on the PI have names preceeded by “.syncthing.”. The web interface to the PI says there are 1004 files on the laptop, but only 115 on the PI. The tail end of the syncthing output looks like this:

[UZAVA] 06:38:21 INFO: Puller (folder “Music”, file “Wayne_Watson/A_Beautiful_Place/07_God_in_a_Box.mp3”): dst create chmod: chmod /mnt/syncthing/Music/Wayne_Watson/A_Beautiful_Place/.syncthing.07_God_in_a_Box.mp3: operation not permitted

It LOOKS to me like it received the file, using the .syncthing. prefix as a temporary, then tried to chmod it (which probably didn’t work because of the Samba/NTFS situation) and gave up before the final rename took place.

Is there something I can change in my setup to get this to work? This PI is the key system in my BTSync setup I’m trying to replace, as it is the one system that is always available for everyone to sync through.

Thanks for any help

Seems like:

No, turns out I was just being a noob. I was running syncthing as the user ‘pi’ and having problems, but not having problems with BTSync, which it turns out I was running as root. I redid my syncthing setup as root and everything is fine (running 0.10.25). ‘root’ can chmod and change file times just fine, but ‘pi’ can’t (even from the command line). Perhaps I could change the mount options on the CIFS mount so as to give ‘pi’ the required permissions, but haven’t tried yet. I think I have a firewall problem now (can’t find my pi from outside the house) but that is a different issue which I will look into – inside the house everything is working fine.