Problems with case in windows (rename)

If I rename a file or folder and only change the case in windows it results in strange behavior of syncthing:

  • Folder case changes are not synced on windows
  • File name changes trigger a warning and file is not copied

example: creating file “document.txt” wait until sync (I put some text in it so file had 1kb) rename the file to “dOcument.txt” this results in a sync problem. only tmp file appears in the folder

edit: just got worse: syncthing deleted the wrong file due to this confusion

Also addressed on github:

This is an issue. However, it is an issue with the Windows file system. It is not an issue with Syncthing. Windows is case aware, but not case sensitive. Syncthing on Linux does not have this problem because Linux file systems are case sensitive by default.

There is no solution short of the below:

fsutil.exe file setCaseSensitiveInfo <path> enable

See more details about this solution here (go to last post):

Workaround : rename document.txt to dOkument.txt, let synch, then dOkument.txt to dOcument.txt

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