Problems syncing in local network


I am running v0.14.36, Mac OS X (64 bit) on my Macbook Pro (with macOS Sierra, V 10.12.6 (16G29)). This is my main computer and most of my folders are set to send only. I had a massive data loss from messing up a past configuration and to avoid this only sync in one direction now.

My raspberry pi 2 is in the same network and runs v0.14.36, Linux (ARM).

There are two major problems syncing though.

  1. I have attached a screenshot; not quite sure what exactly the English error message is, but it is something like “Connection Error Syncthing seems to have problems processing your prompt/entry/???. Please reload this page or preform a restart, if this problem keeps occurring.”.

This happens each time I reload the browser window in a new session (i.e. after waking up my macbook from sleep mode or restarting chrome).

  1. This is my macbooks folder structure. Usually most or all folders have a “not synced” status; I need to expand each tab and click “overwrite changes” (or something like that… using the German UI) several times before they start being synced.

Recently, syncing happens very slowly. I need to sync 7.3GB at the moment and it has been days for those changes to happen; I usually keep my macbook awake for 5 hours with Amphetamine so it won’t go to sleep mode even though I am not actually using it. But whenever I get back to it (either the next day after waking it up or while it is still running), usually no sync is going on right then when I’m checking.

Something, however, must have happened, because when I ssh into my pi and ls the folders, there are files that had not been there before, indicating that they have actually been copied.

I don’t know what to make off this. I have a massive amount of data in need for sync (or rather, stuff on my macbook I just want to sync to the pi, but not the other way round), so I don’t really want to delete both syncthing instances and re-install them. Last time, I had to start syncing all my files from scratch. Yeah, I guess I could save the dotfiles so I have the same IDs, but maybe this is a problem of different nature and I could fix it differently…?

I’d greatly appreciate any support. If there are any logfiles or something like that I should post, just let me know which ones :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help!

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