Problem with versioning of the 000001.log file in .stversions

Good day to you all,

SyncThing created in my root folder a folder named “index-v0.14.0.db”. This folder contains, among other files, a file called “000001.log”, which seems to be a file, SyncThing ist logging its work in. I activated versioning for my root folder. In german it is called “Stufenweise Dateiversionierung” (suppose in english it is something like “stepwise file versioning”?)

Now for my problem: Each time SyncThing is doing its stuff and writes its comments into the log file, the versioning mechanism puts a copy into the .stversions folder. Well, I just started playing around with this wonderful piece of software and my logfile is about 3MB of size. After about 1 hour of usage I do have already 50 versions of this file and caused by that about 150MB of disk usage for the logfile…and it keeps climbing.

Any ideas anybody?

You shouldn’t sync syncthings own db, that will corrupt it.

Well…how can I tell syncthing not to do so or maybe give its db another location? the program has put its files into my root folder by default.

Check -help.

Hmmm Is this the “-home” parameter?


Geee…I´m such a moron!

During setup I thought the home parameter should point to the the root folder. My fault - sorry.

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