Problem with synnchonisation of the folder (/DCIM/Camera) with Android App


I have a problem syncing with the picture folder (…/DCIM/Camera/) of my Android phones.

When I make a new picture with the mobile phone, this woud be not synchronized automatically.

I need to restart the Android Syncthing App 0.9.16 every time, then it works.

The funny is, if I copy a picture manual in the same folder (…/DCIM/Camera/) the synchronisation works perfectly (without new start).

Is there a way to change Rescan Interval on the app, maybe this is the problem?

Someone an idea of the problem?

Thanks in advance


Check the logs. Perhaps syncthing is not running in the background.

in the log is only ----------- beginning of main

this is the androig log:

--------- beginning of main [4PI7P] 15:33:15 INFO: Established secure connection to P4P2YP3-5E3YDPA-EKIB7YP-O3EUQR2-UQPGCCW-WXFAGEW-VDYK5I2-TW5CPA2 at (tcp-client) (TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305) [4PI7P] 15:33:15 INFO: Replacing old connection with for P4P2YP3-5E3YDPA-EKIB7YP-O3EUQR2-UQPGCCW-WXFAGEW-VDYK5I2-TW5CPA2 [4PI7P] 15:33:15 INFO: Connection to P4P2YP3-5E3YDPA-EKIB7YP-O3EUQR2-UQPGCCW-WXFAGEW-VDYK5I2-TW5CPA2 closed: reading length: read tcp> use of closed network connection [4PI7P] 15:33:15 INFO: Device P4P2YP3-5E3YDPA-EKIB7YP-O3EUQR2-UQPGCCW-WXFAGEW-VDYK5I2-TW5CPA2 client is “syncthing v0.14.39” named “NAS” [4PI7P] 15:33:17 INFO: Detected 2 NAT devices [4PI7P] 15:33:17 INFO: Joined relay relay://

Well if the first line timestamp is not old, then it implies syncthing was not running. There are options to make it run in the background in settings.

I seem to remember a similar issue about funny business happening when pictures are saved from camera - however I can’t find a discussion in the forum or issue tracker. Maybe @Nutomic remembers (or I simply misremember)?

I know something about corrupt images, but not missing ones.

Please see attachemnt:

In the experimental options, you should activate the run with foreground priority or the keep cpu awake option.

There was a discussion, where taking screenshots would touch the file twice until all data was in it, but only the first one was synced immediately and the second one (on my phone) a minute or so later).

I have the same issue with screenshots on my Nougat device. For me the solution is launching Syncthing app manually (without running in background) when I need to sync stuffs with my PC.

I made this but the problem is the same.

I use also Android 7.1.1 Maybe it is a problem from the Android?

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