Problem with syncthing connecting via VPN makes new connection offers


I have a sort of problem here with syncthing. In attachment is my network setup with syncthing. Everytime I connect through VPN from WORK to HOME, my colleage with boss say that my NAS want to connect to their syncthing. I dont want this behavior, because I want to sync just some files with my colleague and boss, but my NAS is offering them connecting…

I have a private files on my NAS and if they will accept connection they can sync my files from my NAS at home.

Is this normal or is this some kind of bug when using VPN with syncthing ? Please help me how to restrict this connection…

Syncthing Tree.pdf (390.9 KB)

Turn off the introducer feature if it’s on.

I dont use that feature nor my coleagues and boss. Even when I was setting up folders I didn’t check it up. So this is not the problem…

Check the adresses and especially ports that Syncthing on your NAS reports for the remote devices. I assume due to some port forwarding or UPnP rules, when the NAS tries to connect to your work PC, it “arrives” at your bosses or colleagues PC. In any case, as long as you do not have the introducer feature set on any remote on your NAS and do not actively confirm a device, there will never be a full connection established. I appreciate it’s still annoying though. A simple solution would be for your colleague/boss to choose the ignore button when they see requests from your NAS.

Sure I will try to switch off uPnP in our router to prevent this. However this is private danger in other cases, some bosses are not that good and are very interested in your private work… So for me this is not a real problem but for somebody else…I just cant get it how my NAS connected through VPN can connect to them, maybe the uPnP is the problem but still …I think this is not right.

I will test it without uPnP but if that doesnt work, you should do something about it. I am ready to provide logs if needed.

The bad boss will never get the poor workers data without the poor worker actively consenting to do it.

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