Problem with static Hostname / IP

I have a VPS and I entered the hostname in syncthing:

But other devices with no static IP are connecting much faster

A telnet on this port and this adress is working fine.

In Version 11 I started ST and after some seconds it was connected. Since v12 it tooks very long to connect to this server. Entering the IP does not solve the problem.

edit: the server is fully connected:

That’s odd. Static addresses connect instantaneously for me. You could try with STTRACE=connections to see what’s going on - perhaps a timeout or dns resolution issue of some kind?

No issues like dns :slight_smile: now its working it just takes its time. STTRACE is set…

OK, see what the trace says then, it should reveal the truth. :wink:

you got a PM with the log. This time it worked faster but still the other devices were faster. edit: telnet in both directions on the syncthing port is working fine.

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