Problem with override changes

I ma trying to sync my Macbook Pro with freeNAS. Worked fine until I went and deleted a few files/folders in the master repo on my MBP. It now shows me 10 files out of sync and the override changes doesn’t do anything. Since this repo is marked as Master Repo I expected the deleted files to be also deleted from the other repo, where Master Repo isn’t checked. Why isn’t this happening?

No idea. What are the changes it wants to sync? The “override” button should be instantaneous-ish, but might not be - did you give it a few seconds?

hm, I think I deleted a folder and the .sync folder which might have caused problems :-/ started from scratch and it seems to work, deleted a file and it simply propagated…

I’d say it was an user error since it didn’t happen again.

I just got the same error, when clicking “Override Changes” does nothing. Here’s how I did:

1- Set up a folder in PC1 as master. This folder contains 10 rar files, each one is about 500MB in size.
2- Begin synching this folder with PC2 (not a master).
3- Wait until it transferred about 1GB of data, and then shutdown Syncthing on PC2.
4- Since I wanted to add other files inside the folder in master, I dropped a .stignore on it. file It’s contents can be seen in this question (see edit).
5- Clicked Rescan on PC1, and start Syncthing again on PC2.

I did try restarting ST on both computers a couple times, and hit the Rescan button, but nothing seems to fix the “Out of Sync” status.

@calmh, please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help have this sorted out. And also, thank you for your excellent work on this software.

What files are out of sync? The ignored ones, or something else? I could see there being a corner case with “override” not overriding out of sync files that are in fact ignored…

All of them. The transmission halted, 0Kb/s. And my rule was correct (there were still files to sync, and they did sync when I deleted all of the contents from PC2.

Do you think this corner case is something to change in future versions?

Are you saying non-ignored files are also visible in the out of sync dialog?