Problem with new device pairing

On the Syncthing version for Windows 1.20.4 when I try - from Windows to add a new device, not being able to use the camera of the laptop that is not managed by Syncthyng, I have to enter the string of 56 characters in the “Device Name” box.

Despite having typed the string correctly, I get - always - the error of typing a string that is too long.

In fact, going back with the back-space and deleting some characters, the error disappears, but obviously the string at this point is no longer correct.

I have the same error also when deleting the dashes that divide the groups of seven characters.

I can complete the pairing by operating from the other device and using the camera (which works from Syncthing for android) to frame the QR code.

Why am I getting an error having typed the correct string? I can’t imagine where I’m wrong. . .

Something clearly sounds wrong here. It’s difficult to say what without seeing screenshots of the error though. Yes, the screenshots will show your ID, which normally isn’t a security issue, as one needs to be accepted by the other side in order to connect, but you may still not want to share it. If that’s the case, maybe obfuscate parts of the ID, so that it’s impossible to guess the whole thing while still displaying the error in full.

I’m sorry.

I was fooled by something that didn’t work and that I didn’t understand …

Yet I have made many tests: both with the numbers attached without hyphens, and with the numbers divided by the hyphen. Any attempt was discarded. I also tried to insert the eight seven-character groups with a space between each group. I’ve always had mistakes!

I even took pictures of the attempt to enter the ID, they were ready to be attached to this message, but then I repeated the attempt one more time by tearing the groups of seven characters with a space.

At the end I left the input window and magically the Device ID was accepted. I am speechless . . .

Solved . . .

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