Problem with ignore patterns


I’ve installed synching on Mac + linux and it seems to be running ok.

I then tried to test ignore patterns via .stignore but it doesn’t seem to work on other computer. I tried *, folder name and file name on both computers. In all cases, gui shows as out of sync. Local, Global and out of sync show the correct value, failed items keeps spinning and nothing happens on disk.

Not sure where the log files for linux are. Under the mac I looked under ~/Library/Logs/Sync/syncservices.log but nothing relevant shows up.

Am I missing something?


What are yoi trying to achieve? What is tye error message you are seeing?

I’m trying to achieve selective sync. From what I’ve read, that is not implemented yet but that ignore lists should work well enough for my purpose.

I only care about directory level selection though, not file level.

I can’t find an error message anywhere I figured out to look, Only an error showing up in the web gui saying that it has issues synching the files, and the files not going anywhere.

At the moment I can’t even get the computers to see each other again, so I’ll try to restart from scratch and see if it works and report back.


Next time please provide detailed errors and the ezact low level scenario of what you want to achieve (as in I have folder X, want to ig ore folder Y, get error Z)

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough when I said that there is no error message but there is no error message.

Both computers are synchronized, directory structure is simple

[] test1

  • file1 [] test2
  • file2

.atignore on Mac changed to *

Directory structure on Mac does not change

  • log file on Mac has no error messag
  • under Linux there is no log file to be found
  • console has no error message
  • web Gui has no error message

There is only a red line in the Gui saying failed items that keeps spinning with no message.


Can yoi provide a screenshot? There is a log on linux, it logs to stdout, so check how you are running syncthing.

Ok, after a lot of work and trial and error deciphering of the documentation I’ve got a little further, but still not sure how to achieve what I want.

What I found out up to now

  • Directory Selection appearing under selective sync in the docs does not exist in any way.
  • Selective sync is only achievable via the .stignore files
  • Adding an already synchronized file to the ignore list does not remove it’s local copy
  • Adding a file to the ignore list shows up as an error in the GUI : out of sync appears in red, out of sync files shows the ignored files as out of sync and failed items keeps spinning

Trying to write this I finally found a (cumbersome) solution, writing it for whomever else is stuck in the same place. A toy example, local directory structure is: ./projects ./projects/projectA ./projects/projectA/file.txt ./projects/projectB ./projects/projectB/file.txt

I want to only synchronize ProjectB and not ProjectA. Populating .stignore with


Gives the error:

Failed items:
The following items could not be synchronized. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved.

projectB no such file or directory
file.txt no such file or directory

Changing .stignore to !/projects !/projects/projectB

Also pulls in projectA which I don’t want.

Looks like the solution is to use

/projects/* !/projects *

But it is starting to get pretty complex and cumbersome for a more complex pull structure with the potential of deleting the wrong thing from the entire cluster when removing local version.

Did run into a problem my solution doesn’t solve.

if my directory has both files as well as subdirectories and I want to sync only the files without the subdirectories.

Closest thing I could find under the previous directory structure would be to set the following in .stignore


The problem is that this syncs all the first level directories as empty directories and not just the files, i.e projectA and projectB would get pulled in without their content

Any solution to that?