Problem with 1.20.1

I’ve been doing daily syncs of a few files between 2 Macs for a few years. A few days ago it stopped working; one end would not run. Reverting from 1.20.1 to 1.19.2-1 fixed the problem. The machine is a Mac mini (mid 2011) running Sierra (10.12.6). Maybe it’s too old to be supported? But, I got no warnings when I last updated (unless they were in a doc I didn’t read).

The other end is a MBP running Catalina and is still fine on 1.20.1.

Syncthing’s old-OS compatibility is mostly determined by the Go compiler & runtime we use. The previous version required 10.13 (High Sierra), now the requirement is 11 (Big Sur). Things sometimes work even on older versions, if we don’t tickle the specific thing that bumped the requirement.

Thanks for the explanation!

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Thats a pity, Big Sur dropped support of very capable machines, which work perfectly on Catalina. IMHO Catalina should be the lower limit for few years still.

Luckily, you can still use very capable versions of Syncthing on those machines or, if you care enough, build even the latest version of Syncthing using an older Go compiler.

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