Problem Event Name: BEX

Hello guys,

I recently installed Syncthing on my pc (Win 7x64) and my cellphone (android 5.1) And for a few hours everything worked out well but my main machine seems to crash out of nowhere, I already tried uninstalling Syncthing-GTK, updated Syncthing binaries, python, and windows updates too. Any ideas what could it be?

Here’s what the error screen says:

> Problem signature:
>   Problem Event Name:	BEX
>   Application Name:	syncthing-gtk.exe
>   Application Version:
>   Application Timestamp:	549deba6
>   Fault Module Name:	MSVCR90.dll
>   Fault Module Version:	9.0.30729.6161
>   Fault Module Timestamp:	4dace5b9
>   Exception Offset:	00036d36
>   Exception Code:	c0000417
>   Exception Data:	00000000
>   OS Version:	6.1.7601.
>   Locale ID:	1033
>   Additional Information 1:	9118
>   Additional Information 2:	9118ed54a3ba15a749b0ec963422e114
>   Additional Information 3:	169c
>   Additional Information 4:	169cecc607be2dd71fb0f8afab3b5eda

That’s Syncthing-GTK. It’s possible you’ll get a better level of support on the Syncthing-GTK issue tracker.

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