Problem after updating to 0.11.12

Hi all,

syncthing updated to 0.11.12 today on my three PCs.

Now, when I want to edit a folder to select another device to share this with, I can’t check the checkbox next to the machine name. I created new folders, but had the same issue.

Any ideas?


Just found out that I can tick the box on my Ubuntu Laptop. Does not work on my Windows PCs using Firefox or Chrome.

I’m having the same problem with Chrome on Windows. Firefox seems OK.

Issue opened:

Yes, you’re right. Firefox worked. Sorry.

it’s a bug from bootstrap which was updated in 0.11.12 (see #2027) and was reverted @calmh once before (#1121). Maybe this time we can help to fix it instead of rolling out another (reverted) version?

Dammit… Yeah I remembered there was something about it but not what. Yeah, a proper fix would be good this time…

same here

I may have some time this evening, if someone has a fix proposed for then that’ll be cool otherwise I’ll push a revert again…

Maybe use the bootstrap grid system instead, e.g. create rows with 3 real columns each.

Heh, said at exactly the point at which I submitted a PR to do just that :smile:

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@canton7 the mindreader :satellite:

another workaround I came up with was to simple float:left all elements and add width:33%, but this causes alignment issues if labels are a little longer…

Thanks guys. The proposed fix works, so I released that as v0.11.13. But it pulls in an awful lot of code for just grouping by three so I may have another look at that later. :wink:

Edit; Angular being what it is, it seems this is actually the easiest solution. TIL.