Private relay server not working

I have a private relay server, the server is not member of any pools.

On all clients i have i added the server relay server two the “Sync Protocol Listen Addresses” in “Settings → Connections”

When i have added the server to connections i see 1/1 in lisensers on the dashboard and the servers rest API also adds 1 to the “numConnections”.

In my mind this is a successfull connections.

Here comes my problem, when i try to connect to another client nothing happens, both clients have a fresh install of syncthing (FreeBSD) and the server is also installed fresh (Ubuntu using sudo apt-get install syncthing-relaysrv)

What am I doing wrong?

Check the list of addresses for the remote device in the GUI, and the error, if any. If you’re not using global discovery you won’t see the relay address there and you’ll need to set it manually on each device.

(What you did tells Syncthing “I want to listen for incoming connections via this relay”. That’s distinct from “I want to connect to another device via this specific relay”.)

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