Preview before download from nas

Hello all,

I’m Mesmer and live in The Netherlands.

A year ago I back a project on Kickstarter with the name Lima. Lima is suppose to be a central memory for all devices. You connect a Lima to your router, add a harddrive and put Lima on your phone and laptop. That harddrive will "replace"your documents and photo folders (for example) and I see all my files on all my devices.

I created something like this myself using a Raspberry Pi and Btsync. My problem is I get all my files everywhere and there’s is no way all my files fit on my phone so I have a problem.

What I would like is to have all my files on a central harddrive, preview every file on a device and select from that device which one to download.

Is something like that possible with Syncthing?

If not, I would like to put it in as a feature request.

For the moment I’m playing around with Syncting and love it already.

Yep. I thinks is

You can try Owncloud. Owncloud`s mobile version does not sync but shows you files to download

Thanks for your reply. That’s kind of (if I understand it correctly) what I’m looking for. What i would like to have because it would make my live much easier:

  • the option to sync the content (documents, photos, music) on my two laptops, ipad and phone to a nas (in my case a raspi with external hd)
  • then all metadata from the files on my nas is syncing back to all devices

So if a file was already on laptop 1 I can open it, change it and the changed file syncs with my nas. If it was original on my phone I see the file (metadata sync) in my sync folder on my laptop and can choose to download it or not. So I would like to see the files in my sync folder, different color or with a symbol so I know its only containing metadata, and be able to choose to download it with right mouse-click > download.

This functionality is for an important part the reason the Plug / Lima device on Kickstarter was such a huge succes.

This project is delayed a lot and backers like me are looking for alternatives.

BitTorrent Sync already has this option in their mobile apps and are looking for ways make it possible on laptops / desktops.